Chrisal Probiotics In Progress (PIP) cleaning products are now available in Canada! Long term research has shown that using probiotic cleaners instead of disinfectants for routine cleaning and hygiene protocols is up to 70% more effective at reducing the risk of infection.


Originally developed to decrease the risk of hospital-acquired infections in European healthcare settings, PIP probiotic cleaning products quickly became popular for cleaning animal and livestock facilities. These non-toxic cleaners are enriched with safe, probiotic bacteria that reduce odours, remove biofilm and outcompete harmful bacteria, safely and effectively. Many skin issues that animals have can be indicative of an unbalanced microflora on their skins. Routine application of the appropriate probiotic cleaner on the animal and/or their clothing, may help reduce many of these issues. Non-toxic and non-corrosive, PIP products create a safe, healthy environment for you and your animals at home or on the road.

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Probiotics in Progress - Animal Housing Cleaner

Non-toxic soap that contains enzymes and probiotic bacteria. Excellent for removing biofilms and organic debris in alley ways, stalls, mats, trailers, buckets and feed tubs. Dilute at 3-5% ie: 30 -50 ml (cc) per 1 L water. Foam on with a foamer or pressure washer, let sit 10-15 minutes power wash/scrub and rinse as with any soap. May also be used with mops and scrub brushes. AHC is safe to use on animals for general body washing. The probiotic bacteria help reduce skin irritations that may be caused by bacteria or fungal problems. Diluted AHC may be left in hoses over night to remove bio films from inside the line, flush lines throughly to remove loosened matter - do not let animals drink this flushed waste waster as biofilm can be toxic.


Probiotics in Progress - Animal Housing Stabilizer

Probiotic spray that contains probiotic bacteria. This product is fogged or sprayed over equipment, bedding, animals, and animal clothing to maintain high levels of beneficial bacteria on these surfaces. The probiotic bacteria work for 3 days after an application to remove biofilms, reduce odours (ammonia) and reduce the risk of infection from harmful bacteria. AHS is safe to use on animals /people. The probiotic bacteria may help reduce skin irritations that may be caused by bacteria or fungal problems. The probiotic bacteria can significantly decrease many allergens that are found on animals and in livestock facilities, making the environment much healthier for the animals and humans.

PIP Water Plus

Probiotics in Progress

Probiotic water treatment that contains probiotic bacteria. This product is added into water lines by using a dosing meter. The probiotic bacteria work continuously to prevent biofilms buildups (that trap pathogens) which can commonly occur in water lines in barns and out of doors. To learn more about using AHC and Water Plus to clean and maintain clean water lines.

PIPAllergy Free

Probiotics in Progress

A revolutionary approach for diminishing allergens, pathogens and tackling odour problems on hard to clean surfaces such as helmets, shoes, blankets, even pillows and air filters. The probiotic bacteria competitively exclude the cause of these problems with a completely harmless microbiological action. Allergy Free contains only probiotic bacteria. Unscented. Use: Shake briefly before use and use sparingly. Initial dose for odour and allergen problems: A short spray daily. Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days. Do not make areas wet, a light mist is best.