Healthy Horses Ltd.

Providing unique, revolutionary probiotic health care options
for our animals, ourselves and our environment.


Healthy Horses Ltd. distributes specialized probiotic products that range from supporting horse gut health to providing you with probiotic cleaning products. Our goal is to provide products that boost performance on many levels. We are passionate about harnessing the power of probiotics to create safe, sustainable and healthy environments - inside and out -for our horses, and ourselves.



Maintaining a healthy gut flora is crucial for healthy horses. Equine Choice support the digestive system in healthy animals and adds additional support for those horses in training, competing as well as benefitting senior and the metabolically challenged horses to support the uptake of nutrients for healthy hooves and hair.

  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Paste (therapeutic strength): used as initial loading dose for digestive and metabolic issues, when off feed, high stress situations, hauling and for foals.
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement: daily support to help maintain healthy gut function for horses who might benefit from routine use: seniors, competition or training, underweight, metabolic issues, poor digestive function.
  • AFX: Can help relieve potential ‘acid splash’ behavioural issues and may reduce possible irritation to the stomach's lining when the horse is working or being hauled. Does not interrupt stomach acid production.
  • All products are NHN registered and are competition approved.

Probiotic cleaning is more effective at the long term reduction of pathogens than when using disinfectants. Rather than eliminating all microbes, Chrisal works with the beneficial ones to create a clean & safe environment, minimizing odours, removing biofilms and reducing pathogens in a safe, non-toxic way.

  • Air Care: misting or fogging probiotic sprays into barns decreases the presence of allergens, pathogens and odours - can also be used on tack, blankets and boots.
  • Livestock: effectively clean and remove biofilm and organic matter in barns and trailers.
  • Pet Care: probiotic hygiene products help you remove, not mask odours and may help improve skin microflora, decreasing many skin issues.
  • Personal Care: Using probiotic hand soap can reduce the chances of cross contamination when handling animals. Probiotic spray can also be used to mist riding helmets and boots.


There is a large list of circumstances that have been shown to cause reduced immune function in horses. Did you know that their overall health (much like ourselves) is impacted by the whole environment? This includes not only what goes into the digestive system, but also what is used on and around them.


I can not say enough good things about the Equine Choice products and the friendly and supportive advice I have received from the company... - Ginger Chappell

Barriere BC