In the Big Inning (Beginning)

It’s hard to find a place to start, but regardless, whether by hook-or-by-crook, or any other fancy cliches, we’ll start with baseball. I am the man, so this is where I’ll start.
You’ve got your players- offense and defense, your field of green (similar to where horses hang-out) and an infield of dirt/shale/gravel (also where horses hang-out). There are two teams and both are against each other. Somewhat similar to you and your horse, you’re either laughing and galloping along….or chasing that blasted equine across the field to saddle for their exercise (seeing as how you’re getting yours running!).
Does any of this make sense? Probably not! But, so what, you love your horse no matter what. At least I would think you do, why would you have a horse if you didn’t? This is where my wife comes in. She is the “Horse Whisperer” in my biased opinion, and some of her friends say the same thing!.. My wife loves horses, I saw an old 8mm film of her on her first ride with her father when she was 3 months old. That love has blossomed ever since. No matter what has changed in her life, whether it’s jobs, children, or husband, the horses are her mainstay- her anchor. And I know she loves them more than me because she tells me to pick-up my socks, but will bend over backwards picking up “their” poop. She’s out there right now…in the rain!!!
I remember her coming home from her first Natural Horsemanship course with Pat Parelli, apparently he’s famous but I didn’t know that at the time. She was talking about throwing away the bits and bridles, and using a halter or nothing at all (this was where my eyes and ears perked up, till she explained it’s not a halter-top: I was really interested until she told me that!!). But, the more I heard her talk and practice and learn and listen, the more I learned of her passion for horses. The more I watched her with her three horses, the more I came to like her passion. Don’t get me wrong, I like horses, I just don’t have the passion for them that my wife does. But, we both agree that we don’t like seeing any horse hurt or mistreated for any reason.
So, do I know where I’m going with this? ….NOPE!! I’m just spouting off stuff to fill space till my wife comes back and tells me how her day and night went- even in the rain. OOPS!! here she comes!! I’ll talk later

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