Dear Healthy Horses:

I've put these observations down in print in case they can be of use to another rider and help their horse.
I have been competing with horses my whole life - 50 plus years.
I have competed at many levels of Barrel Racing starting at the game shows, Amateur Rodeo, Pro Rodeo and currently at the 4D level. I have ridden with the top competitors and have been very successful at all levels throughout the years, riding my own horse's and taking in many to tune up for higher levels of competition. The passion for horses and Barrel Racing over the years have blessed me with many win's and knowledge of what it takes to make and keep a horse running. I have good quality feed programs, training and care programs in place, and have had others tell me that I am quite observant and have a good feel for how the horse is doing.
For the past six yrs I've ridden a solid campaigner named Starz Six that I have competed on and I know him and his habits inside out.  Last year I also started campaigning another young horse, Hank, who has a lot of potential but I was not wanting to haul him due to his behavioral 'issues'.  He was difficult to deal with both at home and on the road, acting up when it didn't seem there was a good reason for him to be that way.  I began to "play" with Equine Choice probiotic products about a year ago using my own dosages and intermittent usage, when I felt it might help. I noticed some minor improvements - both horses held their weight better and the younger one, Hank, ate better while travelling and was calmer at the shows - than when not on the Equine Choice Probiotic Supplement.
This summer after learning more about the horses digestive system and the effects that traveling and competition was having on them, I decided to start using EC products as directed.  I followed the directions on their applications card. After using the Equine Choice Probiotic Paste the Probiotic Supplement and Acid FX as directed, here is what I have noted.
The difference is UNREAL! My horses performance, physical condition and behaviors have all improved considerably. A lot of what I thought they did that was from nerves, or "attitude" or "quirks" has disappeared. In fact when I neglected to use the product as recommended at one race, the old behaviors reappeared. I've listed the things I've noticed below in case it can help another rider identify Gut Painas a possible cause for what I have previously mistaken for training, mental emotional issues. From my experience I can tell you that a comfortable horse runs harder and stays more focused.

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:
Pace and dig trench's in stalls at competitions --- minimal fuss in stall
Swinging head, almost weaving while eating ------ stands still and chews food
Rearing while tied to trailer at competitions ------ stands quietly
Explosive or runny manure at shows, trailering -- gone! Normal manure now
Not focused in warm up ring ----------------------------- relaxed, focused, listening
Not consistent ------------------------------------------------ consistent
Not relaxing thru back, stiff ----------------------------- relaxes back, uses whole body
Not able to bend around leg or turns properly ---- bends evenly and easily
Not running hard ------------------------------------------- runs hard, improved times!

Sandra T., Osoyoos, BC

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