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Save Your Hay!

Save Your Bedding!

Save your MONEY!

              Do you worry about sand colic or parasites when your horse eats off of the ground?
           Do respiratory problems concern you when you see your horse's nose in dusty hay?
           Wondering about ulcers and wish you could make their hay rations last longer?
           Tired of throwing out stall bedding because it's got hay mixed into it?
           Are your horses hungry and cranky at feeding time?

I had those same problems and this is how I solved them...

  • Durable, Tough , Weatherproof
  • Folds flat so you can take it with you to shows
  • High quality, rotational molded food grade plastic
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Small enough to fit in a stall, yet large enough that two compatible horses can share from it in the paddock
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Weighs 55 lbs.
  • L=39 1/2” X W=28 1/2” X H=19 1/2”

Horse eating from Slow Feeder Saver

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Keep Your Horses Healthy with the Slow Feeder Saver


  • keeps hay and leaves off the ground, out of the poop, pee, parasites and sand
  • makes hay rations last longer, yet still delivers enough hay so horse isn't hungry
  • keep the horses noses out of dusty and dirty hay
    (head-down position allows for natural respiratory tract clearing)
  • simulates the natural head lowered grazing position
     (puts the jaw and teeth at the correct angle for proper dental wear while chewing)
  • allows the horses to maintain their field of vision while eating
    (so they can see what's approaching them while eating)
  • durable, weatherproof, easy to clean, lets water drain out
  • no moving parts to jamb up in mud, snow, ice, sand – or mosquitoes!
  • light enough to be movable, solid enough not to tip over
  • small enough to use in a stall, big enough two horses can eat from it
  • safe, smooth corners, no splinters, screws, nails or bolts sticking out
  • shippable – able to be easily transported to shows and clinics
  • simple and fast to use so husbands will use it too!
  • can also be used for donkeys, goats, llamas, sheep, and cattle...

Small Shetland pony at Small Feeder Saver 

Pickles the Pony likes his Slow Feeder Saver too!





Meet Nic, my horse who “helped” me work on designing the Hay Feeder.

Nic the horse and Tahn at liberty training and playing games

Healthy Horses retail Price: $315.00 ea  (+taxes &shipping)



HayFeeder Dealers List

www.Healthy Horses.ca
Osoyoos, BC   



Dare’s Country Feeds
Aldergrove, BC








In Canada:

Have your local feed or tack store order you one through Healthy Horses

In U.S.A.:

Have your local feed or tack store order you one through the U.S. distributor High Country Plastics