Slow Feeder Saver

Save Your Hay

Save Your Bedding

Save Your Money

-Durable, Tough, Weatherproof.
-Innovative five-piece design assembles in minutes by installing eight bolts.
-Folds flat so you can take it with you to shows.
-High quality, rotational molded food grade plastic.
-Rounded and smooth edges.
-Easily cleaned and disinfected.
-Small enough to fit in a stall, yet large enough that two compatible horses can share from it in the paddock.
-Hole at bottom for easy cleaning.
-No mechanical moving parts.
-Weighs 55 lbs.
-L=39 1/2” X W=28 1/2” X H=19 1/2”

Horse eating from Slow Feeder Saver

Benefits of using the Slow Feeder Saver:

A small shetland pony eating from the Slow Feeder Saver

Pickles the Pony  likes  his Slow Feeder Saver  

Assembling the Slow Feeder Saver

Filling the Slow Feeder Saver

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For the location of a dealer near you:
In BC and Canada

The Horse Gate Trailer Sales, Falkland, BC 250-379-2790
Dares Country Feeds, Aldergrove, BC 604-856-1611
The Horse Barn, Kamloops, BC 250-374-3511
For inquiries in other provinces contact us at and we will help you find your closest dealer

In the U.S.A.:
Have your local feed or tack store order you one through the U.S. manufacturer and distributor:
 High Country
or for the nearest dealer to you:  Click Here

Lady eating from ground


Lady eating from SFS


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Nic and Lady eating from SFS    

Nic and Lady         sharing from the Slow Feeder Saver


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