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Tahn Towns

Tahn and Nic

Healthy Horses, Tahn and Nic

        Tahn grew up assisting in her father’s mixed veterinary practice and helping with the family horses.  Her father had a practical “do no harm” approach, and continually advocated supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  Tahn held  Equine Canada coaching certification for many years and juggled riding and training horses around her carpentry profession.   In 1992 as a certified massage therapist, Tahn owned operated a holistic clinic in Alberta.   One of the modalities offered was a registered Naturopathic Doctor who’s  primary focus was nutrition. Observing his work, Tahn observed the profound impact that a healthy functioning digestive system could have on an entire body. This fostered the beginning of an appreciation for the important role that beneficial gut microbes play in overall health and led to her  interest in learning more about keeping horses healthy with probiotic products.

How Healthy Horses Happened

Tahn and her horse, Nic, playing Beachball-polo

Tahn and Nic playing beachball polo

Meet Nic, who manages to be the driving force in the Reseach and Development area! Nic helped ‘design’ the Slow Feeder Saver and then ‘led’ Tahn to the Equine Choice Products.


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