If this sounds like ‘science fiction’ - it is definitely bio-science at its best - but not fiction.
 Read on to find out why European facilities have been using Chrisal for years!


How does it work?

Chrisal, now available in Canada, is a unique and revolutionary product. Called a “biostabilization technique” by european hospital hygiene specialists, Chrisal employs nature’s own probiotic bacteria to maintain a healthy environment. Simply stated, Chrisal uses friendly probiotic bacteria to exclude pathogens (harmful bacteria).

How? Chrisal probiotic bacteria simply dominate the available space and consume the food sources that pathogens would normally utilize. The result? Pathogens are excluded without toxic products (so that immune function of staff and animals is not compromised) and bacterial resistance is NOT elicited! 

Chrisal is a: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-scented, fully biodegradable  cleaner that contains surfactants (soap), enzymes and naturally occurring, non-genetically modified probiotic bacteria to achieve a high level of cleanliness. It eliminates and controls the bacterial sources of  odours, and dramatically decreases the risk of infection from contaminated surfaces for several days by establishing and maintaining high levels of beneficial bacteria on surfaces that command the available food and space that would normally foster the growth of harmful micro-organisms.

Why not just use disinfectants?

Disinfectants are essentially toxic: they not only kill the harmful bacteria (germs), but also kill the good bacteria (probiotics) that protect us!  Probiotics suppress the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Using disinfectants may reduce the total number of harmful bacteria, but this effect only lasts until the disnifectant has dried. Without the probiotic bacteria, surfaces are rapidly recolonized by harmful bacteria. So, while using disinfectants and sanitizers results in a fast reduction in the total umber of micro organisms, this effect is very short (about 20 minutes) and unstable.  Lastly, disinfectants are not effective in removing biofilm (the protective coating that harmful micro organisms surround and protect themselves with). Chrisal’s probiotic bacteria breakdown biofilm. 


Mechanism of Action

1. Competitive Exclusion

During cleaning with Chrisal products, a layer of beneficia bacteria is left behind on surfaces. Even after rinsing, these bacteria remain in very high numbers, occupy the surface and consume the remaining microscopic organic matter which is a food source to them. This leaves no food and virtually space for pathogenic (harmful) or odour-causing organisms to occupy. They are simply starved and crowded out - excluded- without any toxic action required.

2. Quorum Sensing

Chrisal’s probiotic bacteria also send out signals to tell pathogenic and odour causing bacteria that conditions are unfavourable for growth, causing these unwanted micro-organisms to enter a dormant stage. This makes them harmless and easy to remove during routine cleaning.

3. Biofilm Removal

Chrisal bacteria immediately start to disassemble  biofilm; which is the protective layer formed around colonies of harmful bacteria that disinfectants can't fully penetrate.  This biofilm also traps dirt, supports viruses and other problematic substances such as molds and fungi.  Chrisal's ability to penetrate and   de-construct this biofilm results in the removal of many unwanted micro-organisms (mildew and discoloring in grout lines) that are virtually impossible to remove without Chrisal's help.

How do I use it?

Chrisal products come as liquid concentrates.  Simply add water to dilute, and clean with it like you normally do with your  regular cleaner to clean your facility. (mop, wipe, pressure washer, foamer)

Is it Safe?
Chrisal is safe to handle without masks and gloves and is approved for use in agricultural facilities, including commercial livestock operations. Since Chrisal is not toxic and non-scented, it does not compromise the immune function of people or animals.

For detailed  information about the consumer products for personal and home use as well as using it in recreational facilities, schools, hotels and health care facilities,  visit  www.sourceprobiotics.com

Contact us at info@healthyhorses.ca if you are interested in purchasing product or have questions about the suitability of it for your facilities.

Instead of using poisons to control contamination and minimize infection concerns, use Chrisal!

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