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What are probiotics?

Quite simply, a PRO-biotic means something that is PRO (supports)  a biotic community.

Another way to describe a probiotic is to say that it is the opposite of an ANTI-biotic.

Generally speaking, probiotics are the live, naturally occurring, beneficial micro-organisms that exist in our environment and they serve us in many beneficial ways. Sufficient levels of probiotic bacteria keep the harmful micro organisms in check in many places - in addition to the inside of our digestive tract! To learn more about use of Chrisal probiotics for cleaning your pet’s bedding, animal facilities - even hospitals and hotels,  click here

Digestive probiotics are microorganisms that animals continually ingest  when they are in their natural environment and are exposed to clean, “healthy” dirt (specific strains of bacillus bacteria), a wide variety of plants(yeasts and enzymes), and raw food (enzymes). These naturally occurring microorganisms supply the body with the raw materials needed to populate the digestive system with  beneficial gut microbes.

How do the Best in Show probiotics work?

Best in Show probiotics supplement these naturally occurring raw micro-organisms that many pets do not get sufficient access to.  This allows the pets’ digestive system to produce the specific gut microbes that particular animal requires. Each animal has its own individual  gut microbe ‘profile’  which changes depending upon the type of food being fed.  Some animals that have been - seriously health or digestively challenged (including having nutritionally compromised mother - initial digestive enzymes come thru the mothers milk), may not be capable of producing sufficient quantities of  particular gut microbes to effectively digest certain types of foods. Supplementation with Best in Show will help make up for the guts ability to produce specific microbes by supplying them. 

We have known for some time that healthy gut microbes are important for good digestion and nutrient absorption.  Probiotic bacteria produce proteases, amylases, lipases, glycosidases, ureases and other enzymes that breakdown complex feed molecules into simpler  nutrients. These smaller components are more readily absorbed into the body or are used by other intestinal bacteria for growth and maintenance of proper microbial balance in the gut. Using probiotics as a feed supplement ensures that the feed is broken down more  quickly and completely, thus improving conversion of feed into nutrients and energy.  But, the role of these gut microbes does not end there.

In addition to improved digestion and nutrient uptake, research has now shown that high numbers of healthy gut microbes are crucial to keeping the mucosal linings in digestive tracts healthy and fully functioning.  We now understand that this mucosal lining is a key player in immune function and hormone regulation, as well as playing an important role in maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance! For animals who do not have several hours per day of contact with “healthy” soil (as opposed to depleted, treated and contaminated soil) plants, and raw food that supplementing with a quality digestive probiotic is highly beneficial. This is particularly true during specific periods of an animals life - or for certain animals with digestive issues in their history.

When an animal  is stressed, the first bodily system affected is the digestive system. Many situations can create conditions that are not favorable to maintaining high numbers of beneficial microbes in the digestive tract.  Even high anxiety in animals can generate excessive acid secretion in the stomach, creating a shift in the digestive tract pH levels. This abnormal pH level in the intestines can cause a situation where the levels of  normally dominant beneficial gut microbes are displaced by non-beneficial gut microbes. In large numbers these harmful microbes can secrete compounds that damage the intestinal cells responsible for enzyme secretion and nutrient absorption.  There may be temporary (or permanent damage if long term) to the mucosal lining resulting in poor digestion and compromised nutrient uptake.  This usually occurs  during periods of stress, illness, old age - a time when we most want our animals to have maximum digestive and immune support!  To maintain high levels of beneficial gut microbes,  adding an effective digestive probiotic to their food can help diminish the likelihood of harmful microorganisms becoming dominate.

When is probiotic use recommended?

Stress to an animals system can come in many forms.  Of course, what we strive for is to recognize and minimize stressful events through planning, conditioning, training and of course, patience.  However, as we all know, life sometimes just happens!  Being able to support your pets digestive system during short - or long term situations is what probiotic supplements are for.

Pregnant, lactating or breeding animals


What is the difference between the Resolve Paste and the Prevent Powder?

Resolve Paste is highly concentrated and is formulated for therapeutic use during those situations where theBest in Show 80cc, Pet Probiotics Paste healthy gut bacteria are subjected to conditions that make it difficult for them to maintain adequate levels so that the harmful gut microbes do not over populate. Examples of such circumstances are: pre and post surgery, during bouts of serious diarrhea, when toxins or poisons have been ingested and for use in conjunction with antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapies. The paste is also able to be administered to baby animals who are not eating regular food yet, or given to animals who have gone off their food by simply putting some of the paste into their mouth. 

Best in Show Prevent Shaker, Pet ProbioticsPrevent Powder is formulated for daily use as a topping on the pets food.  Available in a shaker can, a little is sprinkled on top of the pets food.  Once daily is normally sufficient, although it has been noted that animals requiring digestive support (rescues, elderly animals) benefit from having the daily dose split into two feedings.

See ‘Directions for Use” for dosages below

Does a raw food diet provide sufficient probiotics for my pet?

High quality raw food normally provides more live enzymes for your pets digestive system than processed food does.  However, the raw food may not be providing enough of the soil based microorganisms that are important components of a good quality probiotic. (Unless your animal is eating the fur/feathers - and dirt that goes along with ‘real’ raw food!)  If the pet has no additional physical or emotional stresses, it may not need digestive probiotic with a good diet.  Many pet owners have found that adding probiotics to the raw food diet have been beneficial for their pets. Holistic veterinarians usually agree that a good quality probiotic does no harm, and is a good preventive measure to support good digestion, in addition to maintaining  high immune function and overall health.

Will using a probiotic supplement stop my pet’s body from being able to ‘make it’s own’  gut microbes?

No. Your pets body has to acquire the ‘raw materials’ that its digestive system uses to “manufacture” it’s gut microbes.  What Best in show probiotics do is simply supply these raw probiotic ingredients for your pet.  If your pet already has enough raw probiotics going in, then the excess probiotics are simply used as additional food and fiber.

Is there a withdrawal period?  Will it drug test?

No and no.

Can a probiotic be given at the same time as an antibiotic?

Yes. Giving a probiotic at the same time as an antibiotic will not negatively affect the action of the antibiotic.  It will however, help in replacing the beneficial gut microbes that are depleted by the antibiotic.

What are some of the benefits I might observe from feeding a probiotic?

Some benefits noticed by pet owners who feed Best in Show include: improved haircoat and body condition, a decrease in erratic or aggressive behavior (possibly from lessened digestive discomfort), improved breath quality, less or no vomiting after eating, decreased travel illness, resolved diarrhea, better quality stools (less straining/ fewer stringy poops), less flatulence and offensive gas, underweight pets maintain weight easier. Older pets can show signs of lethargy, depression and poor eating due to aging and organ diseases.  Best in Show helps replenish low microbial populations in the intestines which stimulates appetite, aiding normal body functions and improving their quality of life.

If your pet is experiencing any health concerns, a veterinarian should
be consulted as there may be other contributing factors that need to be addressed

Directions for Use on Dogs

Newborn Puppies: 

Resolve Paste: 1-2 cc for 7 days
In the newborn animal, it is essential to give Resolve paste, as it will immediately stimulate appetite.  This will allow even a runt in a litter to begin eating and reduce the risk of losing an animal to malnutrition

Growing Phase: 

Resolve Paste: while nursing - 2 cc once per week for the first two to three months
Sprinkle Prevent powder daily on their food  when they begin eating solid food.

For daily use:

Young or adult dogs- sprinkle and mix Prevent Powder into pets daily meal (once per day is usually sufficient, however older pets or those needing extra digestive support will benefit from having the daily dosage split into two feedings.

Under 10 kg: 1/4 teaspoon per day
10-30 kg :      1/2 teaspoon per day
30-45 kg:       3/4 teaspoon per day
over 45 kg:      1  teaspoon per day

Prevent Powder probiotics  ensures high levels of beneficial micro-flora in the digestive  system, ensuring that the animal gets all the nutrition it needs in this critical stage of life and maintains strong immune function.

For Serious Conditions: 

Resolve paste: 1 cc per 10 lbs or 4 kg of body mass
Before, during and after periods of significant environmental or nutritional changes, starvation, dehydration, during antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy, pre and post surgical procedures,  toxin/poison ingestion, diarrhea.

Consult your vet for serious conditions - probiotics are important but are
not a substitute for qualified medical attention when required!


What makes Best in Show your “best” pet probiotic choice?

Best in Show requires no refrigeration and has a shelf life of a minimum of one year after date of manufacture.  (Resolve Paste has a two year shelf life.)  Our live cultures are stable and NOT altered by temperature changes.

Best in Show guarantees live and reproducible yeast cultures to scavenge and remove oxygen to return to a normal and natural digestive state.

Best in Show delivers stable cultures and enzymes able to survive manufacturing processes to ensure that neither cultures nor enzymes are altered.

Best in Show uses Sunflower Oil.  Sunflower oil is easy to digest and a quick source of energy.

Best in Show includes the ingredient Safmannan (MOS) which is a superior mold and toxin inhibitor, reducing impaired digestion.

Company Information

Animal Pro Products, the maker of Best in Show Pet Probiotics is a privately owned Canadian company that has been producing animal probiotics in Ontario for over 20 years.  They source their ingredients from trusted and reliable European sources and manufacture the product in Ontario, Canada under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Their unique approach to animal probiotics put them at the forefront of probiotic formulation over 20 years ago, and they continue to be leaders in providing highly effective animal probiotics in todays market.

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