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Why do I want my horse to continually nibble hay or grass?

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Do probiotics help with acid splash?

Probiotics do not directly help with Acid Splash,  they do however play an important indirect role.

The irritation of the Squamous Mucosa (lining of the upper stomach) from hydrochloric acid during exercise and the resulting ulcers are not directly helped by probiotics of any kind.  Equine Choice Probiotics & Prebiotics  promote enzymatic digestion in the small intestine and bacterial fermentation in the hind gut in addition to helping maintain the hind gut pH levels if fiber from high quality hay or pasture is continually available to the horse. This helps prevent hind gut acidosis. (more on Hind Gut Acidosis on the probiotic details page)

The enhanced efficiency of the digestive tract creates an appetite in poor eaters and those horses that may go off feed when hauling and showing, (or are ill) so they feel like consuming hay.  If the horse has an appetite to continually nibble at hay, then saliva is continually being produced. This saliva is what acts as a natural and continual buffer on the hydrochloric acid in the stomach acid. The problem occurs when the horse does not have access to food (being worked with, ridden, waiting in the hitching ring, being shod,  trailered, or fasted for surgical procedures.  Even those anxious horses who refuse to eat due to stressful circumstances (stall mate just left the farm) can be at risk for acid splash and potential damage to the stomach lining. These are the horses who will benefit from being given Acid FX which acts to temporarily neutralize the stomach acid.


ACID FX for the Performance Horse & Race Horse

Understand the basics.

The equine stomach in a natural environment is kept full 16 to 20 hours a day by  the horse constantly grazing pasture or hay.  Hydrochloric  acid and the enzyme pepsin is produced 24 hours per day in the horses stomach, and is a necessary and important part of the digestion process.  Without proper levels of this stomach acid, feed and supplements cannot be properly broken down to the molecular components and this results in nutrients that are not able to be absorbed into the horses body. Over the long term, this may leave horses at risk for nutrient deficiencies. Horses grazing on natural grasses

A horse can only produce saliva when he moves his jaws. Normal chewing action  produces 100 to 150  litres of saliva daily. A horses saliva contains substantial  amounts of bicarbonates which  buffer  the stomach  acidThe horse’s stomach empties in 15 to 20 minutes leaving only a small amount of digestia (acid) in the bottom of  the stomach.  The stomach continues to produce more acid, and the horse continues to chew feed, and the acid is continually buffered with fresh saliva. A horse  with a full stomach that has the acid continually buffered appears to have very few problems with ulcers. But, what happens when we are training, racing, trail riding, trailering or withholding feed?


What is Acid Splash?Squamous Musosa

During work or stress  the stomach shrinks (as much as 60% in some cases), due to the increase  of blood flow to the extremities  of the body, resulting in  a decreased blood flow to the stomach.  The upper portion  of  the stomach collapses in on itself  and the remaining  acid in the lower portion  of the stomach is splashed onto the upper area. This upper  area (Squamous Mucosa) is not as resistant to the stomach acid as the lower portion (Glandular Mucosa).  The  result is acid splashing onto the unprotected Squamous Mucosa  while  the horse is being worked, trailered, or having feed withheld and this may cause discomfort or sharp pain. Acid Splash can also lead to the development of stomach ulcers.

Unbuffered acid is also believed to trickle into the small intestine, causing duodenal ulcers and creating a drop in the pH level throughout the remainder of the digestive tract and potentially contributing to hind gut acidosis.

How Does Acid FX work?

Acid FX is designed to alleviate acid splash for temporary periods of time. Administered orally 15 -20 minutes prior to riding or hauling, it coats the stomach lining and buffers the stomach acid, relieving acid splash pain.  The result is a comfortable and calmer horse that responds quickly and willingly, does not ‘grab onto’ the bit, rides more comfortably in the trailer, and returns to eating and drinking much quicker after work or racing.  Warm up times and premature sweating are often decreased and the ‘hot’ anxious horses become more relaxed and calmer.  Feedback from race horse trainers say that their race horses walk to the track, work hard, then walk calmly back to their stalls.

When should Acid FX be used?

Acid FX is designed to be used every day the horse is worked or trailered.  Use it on Hunters, Show Jumpers, Barrel, Reining, Pleasure, Halter, Dressage, Three Day Event, Endurance, Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing, School Horses,  Sale Horses, and those going on out on trail rides. Anytime the horse will be exposed to a situation where acid splash and stomach irritation is possible, it the time to use Acid FX.   The old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,  certainly applies when it comes to protecting your horses stomach - and his ability to perform!

What is in Acid FX?

Acid FX  is a blend of USP Calcium carbonate and USP Magnesium Oxide ( to buffer stomach acid ), Soy Lecithin and L-Glutamine ( to coat and help heal ulcers ).

Is it a drug? Will it performance test?

Acid FX does not effect performance testing.

How do you use Acid FX

Start by giving 60 cc orally for several days so you get familiar with  your horses' response.  Then  decrease the dose slowly each day until you find  the dose that is ineffective, then increase the dose again until you find the effective dose for that  particular horse.

Race horses

Daily : 30 to 60 CC  daily 15 to 20 minutes before work

Race day: 60cc and 20 grams of EQUINE CHOICE probiotic  paste  and 60 cc of ACID  FX  3 hours before a race .  If possible  give another 30 cc of ACID FX as close to race as possible.

Performance or Show horses

Daily: 30 – 60cc of  ACID FX  15 to 20 minutes before  daily work 

Show day:

30 - 60cc of ACID  FX and 20 grams of  EQUINE CHOICE probiotic paste 3 hours before  performance ( Helps stabilize the hind gut  PH)   (Leave on high quality Hay and water until 30 minutes before entering ring ) Supply  hay and water between classes  if possible.

Give  30 – 60cc  of  ACID FX  15 to 20 minutes before  entering show ring  or event.


15 to 20 minutes before loading: Give 30cc to 60cc of ACID FX with 20 grams of EQUINE CHOICE probiotic paste. .  Repeat every 4 hours during long trips, stopping to offer hay and water.

Acid Fx is designed to work in conjunctions with Equine Choice Probiotics & Prebiotics. Always provide good quality roughage and water 24/7.  The goal is to be as proactive as possible  in  preventing digestive  issues.



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